Opportunity: Media Queries

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image: istock.com

Two opportunities– both with deadlines next week.

A freelance writer is writing a story on ground covers (both residential and commercial) and wants to do a phone interview this week with a landscape architect for the story.

A freelance writer is working on an article on landscape design, with a focus on parks; maybe include school (mostly college) campuses, and trail designs. The article is for Recreation Management magazine.  He is fine with either interviewing you on the phone or receiving your written responses to the following questions or topics:

Recreation Management magazine questions:

-Current trends in landscape design

-How parks/schools can incorporate sustainable landscape design (and why they should…beyond the rightness of going green…is there any $ payoff?)

-best practices in park design… What goes where? Passive vs. active recreation. Etc.

-Designing with maintenance in mind.

– In this economy, with municipalities running on very tight budgets, are there ways to cut costs and still maintain quality

One final thing: if you have art that you can send illustrating some of your points, you are welcome to send them.

Let Karen Trimbath (ktrimbath@asla.org) know ASAP if you can serve as a source.  Many thanks!

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