Transportation Meeting and Education Sessions

SR 179 through Sedona's Red Rock Country
SR 179 through Sedona’s Red Rock Country
image: Royal Enfield

Below is a list of some of the sessions at the Annual Meeting that may be of interest to landscape architects practicing transportation planning and design.

We also hope to see you at the Landscape Architecture and Transportation PPN meeting on Sunday, September 30th from 1:30 to 3:00 p.m. in the EXPO.   We will review the results of our PPN membership survey and develop an action plan to address our three most important issues.  Come learn how you can participate in The Field and join the discussion on topics of interest to our members on LinkedIn.

Field Session

FS014 Re-Envisioning Green: Progressive Downtown Phoenix Walking Tour


Education Sessions

FRI-A3 Accessible Site Design and Construction: From Plans to Practice

FRI-A4 How Louisville Leveraged Federal Health Dollars for Landscape Architecture

FRI-A9 Sustainable Site Pavement Systems

FRI-C5 Shaping the Public Realm Through Public Service

FRI-C6 The Past, Present and Future of an Emerging Landmark: The Chicago Riverwalk

SAT-A3 In-between Spaces: Reclaiming Public Space in the Metropolis

SAT-A9 Retrofitting Villages, Towns and Cities for Increased Pedestrian and Bicyclist Mobility

SAT-B9 Reusing Infrastructure: Mobility, Open Space, and Development Opportunities

SUN-B4 The Evolution of Green Infrastructure: NYC’s Green Infrastructure Plan and Program

MON-B10 Bicycle Share Programs

MON-B3 Greenways: Economic Engine for the 21st Century: Catalytic, Vibrant and Viable

MON-C4 Streets as Public Space: Street Modifications that Stimulate Social Gathering

MON-C8 The Cutting Edge of Creating Green Roads

MON-D1 Journey of an All America Road: SR 179 Through Sedona’s Red Rock Country

MON-D2 Greening America’s Capitals: Landscape Architects Take Charge!


Other Education Sessions that may be of interest

SUN-A1 Meeting the Northwest Livability Challenge

SUN-B8 Groceries, Greenways and Greenbacks: Leverage the Spirit and Industry of Cultural Icons


by Craig Churchward and Wendy Miller, Co-chairs of the Landscape Architecture and Transportation PPN

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