One thought on “MainImages_OutdoorFitness

  1. Michael Catalano January 21, 2015 / 3:19 pm

    If the equipment is not being used it is because the owner didn’t think about placement, location, or demographics. There are numerous parks where the equipment is being used constantly. I have witnessed many outdoor fitness parks where the community has embraced the equipment and want more. Place the equipment next to the kids playground so parents and grandparents have something to do while the kids are playing. Don’t place the equipment on running tracks because those runners want to run, not exercise! Bring the public to the decision table when designing the park so that you can understand how and where they will use the equipment. Is there a need for ADA units? What units will serve the community the best? What about the social factors of folks meeting up on scheduled times to workout together? Does the community program the equipment to help the users understand an exercise routine or to encourage a healthier lifestyle? You can’t simply blame the equipment. If we are going to make an impact on the obesity epidemic, there has to be a more proactive approach to get those off the couch.

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