LAAB Announces Proposed Revisions of STANDARDS and PROCEDURES

image: LAAB
image: LAAB

As a recognized accrediting agency by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation, Landscape Architectural Accreditation Board (LAAB) is required to conduct a comprehensive review of its standards on a periodic basis. LAAB conducts a formal, comprehensive review of the accreditation standards every five (5) years (page 4, LAAB STANDARDS & PROCEDURES). LAAB last approved revisions to the standards in 2010, which were subsequently revised Spring 2013.

During the past year, members of the LAAB have been working to revise and update the STANDARDS & PROCEDURES by which they evaluate and accredit professional education programs in landscape architecture. These efforts started in fall 2014, with a call for comment and input among members of the “community of interest” (persons interested in professional landscape architectural education). The Board received comments, suggestions, and recommendations for improving the STANDARDS & PROCEDURES from almost 60 persons. The Board reviewed those comments, explored trends in professional accreditation policy, and its experiences with recent reviews. Based on work sessions of the Board and the efforts of an editing committee, the Board has developed the Proposed 2016 Revision of LAAB STANDARDS & PROCEDURES. This document is posted on the LAAB website under the LAAB NEWS section.

LAAB now invites members of the community of interest and the public to review the proposed revisions and to comment on them. We welcome comments and input on the revised STANDARDS & PROCEDURES document until Tuesday, November 10. Comments may be received by Kristopher D. Pritchard, Accreditation & Education Programs Manager at

LAAB anticipates final adoption of the revised STANDARDS & PROCEDURES in winter 2016 with the document being placed in service with program reviews scheduled for fall 2017. Follow-up questions and inquiries may be directed to Mr. Pritchard.

by Kristopher D. Pritchard, Accreditation & Education Programs Manager

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