Environmental Justice at the Annual Meeting

Lafitte Greenway + Revitalization Corridor image: Design Workshop, Inc.
Lafitte Greenway + Revitalization Corridor
image: Design Workshop, Inc.

Partners in Justice!
Join the Environmental Justice PPN members at our very first Annual Meeting this year in Chicago! The Environmental Justice PPN will be meeting Sunday, November 8 at 1:40-2:15pm in PPN Room 2 on the EXPO floor near ASLA Central. Please join us as we discuss initiatives and goals for 2016!

Environmental Justice Sessions
The 2015 ASLA Annual Meeting in Chicago offers a variety of learning opportunities for professionals interested in environmental justice. Be sure to check out the EJ education sessions at this year’s Annual Meeting:

Friday, November 6

FRI-A10 Paths to Diversity: A Cross-Generational Exploration
Featured Speakers: Stephen L Carter, FASLA, Janelle Johnson, ASLA, Luis F Gonzalez, ASLA, Sandra J Gonzalez, FASLA

FRI-B01 Designing with the Homeless
Featured Speakers: Katherine Eastman, ASLA, Anna Gagne, Carol Mayer-Reed, FASLA, Randy T. Hester, FASLA

FRI-C06 The Landscape of Gentrification
Featured Speakers: Jennifer Wolch, Kathleen King, Associate ASLA, Dan Pitera, Winnifred Curran

Saturday, November 7

SAT-A05 Measuring Environmental Justice
Featured Speakers: Kurt Culbertson, FASLA, Randy T. Hester, FASLA, Lara Lasky, Cali Pfaff, ASLA

Sunday, November 8

SUN-B11 Landscape Architecture and Design Post-Sandy: New Paradigms of Resilience
Featured Speakers: Jamie Torres Springer, Cecilia Kushner, Pippa Brashear, ASLA, Barbara Wilks, FASLA

Environmental Justice PPN Meeting
(PPN Room 2 on the EXPO floor)

Monday, November 9

MON-A01 Designing for Cultural Identity: Chicago Case Studies
Featured Speakers: Ernie C. Wong, ASLA, Juan G. Moreno, Lee Bey, Terry Guen, FASLA

MON-A07 Helping Communities Activate Vacant Land
Featured Speakers: Zakcq Lockrem, Asakura Robinson, Josh Lippert, ASLA, Wayne A Mortensen, Dominique Davison

MON-B02 Accessible Design as Good Design: A Conversation from the Field
Featured Speakers: Sean Sanger, ASLA, Stuart Seaborn, Barbara Knecht, Josh Safdie

MON-D06 Access and Experience: A Best-Practice Primer for Inclusive Design
Featured Speakers: Thomas McCarthy, ASLA, Stuart Weinreb, ASLA, Jennifer Brooke, ASLA

For questions or comments, please contact Kathleen King  and/or Julie Stevens for questions or comments regarding this year’s inaugural Environmental Justice PPN meeting at the ASLA Annual Meeting and Expo in Chicago November 6-9, 2015.

by Julie Stevens, ASLA, and Kathleen King, Associate ASLA, Founding Co-Chairs of the Environmental Justice PPN

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