Water Conservation at the Annual Meeting

Mill Creek Ranch, Ten Eyck Landscape Architects, Inc. image: Bill Timmerman
Mill Creek Ranch, Ten Eyck Landscape Architects, Inc.
image: Bill Timmerman

For those of you interested in water conservation planning and design, the 2015 Annual Meeting & EXPO in Chicago offers a diverse array of learning opportunities in both traditional areas, including storm-water management, riparian and wetland restoration, green infrastructure, as well as in emerging topics, such as natural water features and water reuse. Please find the following list of sessions that may appeal to Water Conservation PPN members and enthusiasts:

Friday, November 6
FRI-A04 – 5 Essentials for Riparian + Wetland Restoration Success
FRI-B04 – Regional Green Infrastructure: Design Targets, Policy, and Local Conditions
FRI-C05 – A Varied Palette: Design and Function of Natural Water Features
FRI-D04 – Water and Landscape: Telling a Story
PPN Networking Reception at 5:30-7:30pm (Sheraton Chicago Hotel)

Saturday, November 7
SAT-B01 – Recalibrating Urban Rivers
SAT-B04 – Moving from Net-Zero to Wet-Positive: A Biocentric Approach to Sustainable Water Management
Water Conservation Professional Practice Network (PPN) Meeting at 12:45-1:20pm (PPN Room 2 on EXPO floor)

Sunday, November 8
Sun-B05 – Sustainable Water Systems at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Monday, November 9
MON-A08 – Where Desert Meets the Sea: Too Much or Too Little Water
MON-C04 – Green Stormwater Infrastructure Redefines the Post-Industrial Urban Landscape
MON-D01 – Smart Water: Transforming the Brooklyn Botanic Garden Water Systems

Along with these various topics that will be presented at this year’s Annual Meeting, we continue to look toward 2016 for additional topics of interest. Earlier this year, the Water Conservation PPN asked our members to fill out a short survey on topics of interest in water conservation. Our progress survey results reveal that most respondents consider storm-water management, water reuse, and flood/drought mitigation as the most desired focal areas to be discussed.

After the Annual Meeting, we will continue pulling from the survey results to plan for our 2016 topics of interest. Although the Water Conservation PPN survey is intended to help shape the upcoming program for the PPN, it is open to the public and we encourage all interested individuals to participate.

by Hope Rising, ASLA, Water Conservation PPN Co-Chair

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