Education and Practice at the Annual Meeting

image: Jules Bruck
image: Jules Bruck

Education and Practice Professional Practice Network (PPN) Meeting
Sunday, November 8, 4:15-5:45pm in PPN Room 1 on the EXPO floor
All members and non-PPN members are welcome to attend

This year, the Education and Practice PPN has planned a World Café style PPN meeting, and we hope you will join the conversation. The major theme of our session is the education of a young professional; an eight to ten year process in which academia takes the first 4-5 years and practice takes the second 4-5 years. How do we create conditions between both players that allows us to fully share our collective resources and strengths? At the meeting we will also share the results of our recent Education and Practice PPN Survey. In addition to the PPN meeting, the following includes a brief list of educational sessions that may be of interest to you:

Friday, November 6
10:30am-5:00pm – FS-012 Stewardship of a Grand Campus Legacy: The University of Chicago
8:30-10:00am – FRI-A08 Of Immediate Concern: Student Enrollment & Our Professional Future
10:30am-12:00pm – FRI-B02 Hybrid Practices
1:30-3:00pm – FRI-C01 Resiliency in University Planning: Risks and Opportunities
1:30-3:00pm – FRI-C10 The LA Media Continuum: Projecting the Future of Our Profession

Saturday, November 7
11:00am-12:30pm – SAT-A07 The Roadmap to Young Professionals
2:30-4:00pm – SAT-B08 Landscape Architects Hiring Landscape Architects: Consultant Select

Sunday, November 8
2:30-4:00pm – SUN-B04 Transformational Learning: Integrate Ecological Research into Design
2:30-4:00pm – SUN-B10 Launch: A Mid-leap Conversation with New Firm Founders
4:15-5:45pm – Education and Practice PPN Meeting in PPN Room 1 on EXPO floor

Monday, November 9
8:00-9:30am – MON-A02 Collaboration, Preservation and Pedagogy: Planning and Designing Today’s Academic Campus

By Jules Bruck, Education and Practice PPN Co-Chair

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