Demographics Survey: Last Call for Responses

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The Women in Landscape Architecture Professional Practice Network (WILA PPN) has been conducting a survey for the past several months about demographics. Please help and take the survey if you have not done so already. It is easy and quick.

Where we are:

  • We are at 3% (of ASLA membership) with 483 responses (as of June 13, 2017).
  • We have a ratio of 25% men and 75% women among the respondents.

Where we want to be:

  • We would like 5-10% of membership to complete the survey, which is 750 to 1,500 respondents.
  • We want a ratio matching our membership, which is closer to 62% men and 35% women (2.3% undisclosed). Men needed!

To complete the survey:


While the WILA PPN has put this together, it is for all of us to respond. Please share this survey with any landscape architects who have left the field also. Thank you!

by Emily O’Mahoney, ASLA, WILA PPN Officer and Past Chair, and the WILA PPN Leadership Team

2 thoughts on “Demographics Survey: Last Call for Responses

  1. Laurel Harrington January 24, 2019 / 5:55 pm

    Is the demographics survey undertaken by the Women in Landscape Architecture PPN available? It closed in 2017. Thank you

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