ASLA Diversity SuperSummit Report & Resources

Participants map ASLA’s future efforts. / image:

ASLA Diversity SuperSummit Report Released and Summit Resources Available on

In 2013, ASLA convened its first Diversity Summit with the goal of developing a deeper understanding of why landscape architecture is failing to attract a more diverse profile. Each summit has brought together a group of established and emerging landscape architects who identify as African American or Latinx to develop strategies that address diversity issues in the field.

Five years later, the 2017 Diversity SuperSummit convened the largest group of attendees to date, with 23 returning and six new participants, at the ASLA Center for Landscape Architecture in Washington, D.C. Participants evaluated goals from previous summits, developed focus areas for four key diversity initiatives to guide ASLA’s work plan in the coming year, and discussed the future of the Diversity Summit format and participants.

ASLA is excited to share those conversations in the ASLA Diversity SuperSummit 2017 Report. The takeaways in the report will serve as accountability for ASLA and as an actionable guide for the newly created Career Discovery and Diversity position for the upcoming year. It can also serve as a guide for other organizations pursuing the same goal. For a summary of the full report, check out the ASLA Diversity SuperSummit 2017 Summary.

Diversity SuperSummit participants / image:
Diversity SuperSummit participants / image:

In addition to the SuperSummit Report, ASLA has also launched the Diversity Summit webpage providing resources from the past five years of Diversity Summits including handouts, videos, presentations, news articles, and summit reports. Focus items and resources will continue to be established and evaluated as ASLA plans future summits.

Planning will be underway soon for the 2018 Diversity Summit, and ASLA will be launching a Call for Letters of Interest in early 2018 for potential participants. Be sure to check back to the webpage for additional information on how to apply.

Scenes from the 2017 Diversity SuperSummit

Diversity SuperSummit Facilitator Juanita Shearer-Swink, FASLA / image:
Who’s Who exercise / image:
Small group discussions / image:


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