Urban Street Tree Planting: Correcting Myths and Misconceptions

November Webinar_Jim Urban_Sugar Beach_Toronto
ASLA 2012 Professional General Design Honor Award. Sugar Beach, Toronto, Ontario. Photo credit: James Urban

Jim Urban’s recorded presentation “Urban Street Tree Planting: Correcting Myths and Misconceptions” is now available through ASLA’s Online Learning series. Hosted by the Planting Design Professional Practice Network, this presentation provides valuable information on best practice recommendations for urban street tree design.
Despite 35 years of research, books, articles and lectures, the profession still maintains many myths and misconceptions about designing with trees in urban spaces. Tree health is still at risk from all too common and obsolete design errors. This webinar will point out the most common of these errors, and provide best practice recommendations to develop truly sustainable urban landscapes. Based on the six most critical concepts of designing for healthy trees, this session will teach sound, science based designs, details, and specifications. Better informed designers will have the tools to incorporate science and sustainability principles into the aesthetic principles that guide the design of these important landscape spaces.

Learning objectives:
• Understand best practices related to urban street tree planting.
• Incorporate the six most critical principles to attain sustainability in urban tree design.
• Use the latest research findings to make decisions on soil options for urban trees.

James Urban, FASLA, ISA
Urban Trees + Soils

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