Professional Practice Networks: 2017 in Review

ASLA’s 20 Professional Practice Networks (PPNs) provide opportunities for professionals interested in the same areas of practice to exchange information, learn about current practices and research, and network with each other—both online and in person at the ASLA Annual Meeting and EXPO.

In 2017, the PPNs created 99 posts for The Field blog and 12 Online Learning presentations. Thank you to those who shared experiences on The Field and shared their expertise as Online Learning presenters! These opportunities are open to all ASLA members, and we hope to grow our group of PPN contributors in 2018.

Below, we highlight the top five Field posts and best-attended Online Learning presentations of the year, but be sure to check out the full PPN: 2017 IN REVIEW for additional information, including:

  • PPN Live at the ASLA Annual Meeting and EXPO,
  • PPN volunteer and leadership opportunities, and
  • the ASLA Online Learning Student & Emerging Professional SPOTLIGHT mini-series.

Year in Review: The Field

The Field was established to give members in the field of landscape architecture a place to exchange information, learn about recent work and research, and share thoughts about current happenings. All contributions are by members, for members, and we encourage all ASLA members with an idea or an experience to share to contribute to The Field.

With 2017 drawing to a close, we are rounding up The Field’s top five most-read posts written by ASLA members in the past year:

  1. The Evolving Practice of Ecological Landscape Design
    By Kelly Fleming, PLA, ASLA, SITES AP, CBLP
    PPN: Ecology & Restoration
  2. Data + Design: Measuring a Landscape’s Value
    By Stephanie Marino, PLA, SITES AP, LEED GA, ASLA
    PPN: Sustainable Design & Development
  3. Women in Landscape Architecture Leaders
    By Tanya Olson, ASLA, PLA; Kate Douglas Kestyn, Associate ASLA; Emily O’Mahoney, FASLA, PLA, LEED AP; Christa Schaefer, PLA, ASLA, LEED AP BD+C; Kristina Snyder, ASLA, PLA; Whitney Tidd, Associate ASLA
    PPN: Women in Landscape Architecture
  4. Urban Design Professional Practice Network Survey Results
    By Keith Billick, ASLA
    PPN: Urban Design
  5. Black in Design Conference: Reflections from Two Women of Color
    By Diana Fernandez, ASLA, and Ujijji Davis, ASLA

Year in Review: Online Learning

To provide our members with professional development opportunities, ASLA offers Online Learning webinars, many of which are hosted by the PPNs on a topic of special relevance to their members. In 2017, ASLA’s PPNs organized and hosted 12 live Online Learning presentations, two of which were part of the second Online Learning Student & Emerging Professional SPOTLIGHT mini-series. Live PPN-hosted presentations take place throughout the year, and are recorded and made available for on-demand viewing after the live event.

In addition to the Professional Practice Network (PPN) Online Learning series, ASLA Online Learning also includes:

Here are the top five best-attended live presentations of the past year:

  1. Urban Street Tree Planting: Correcting Myths and Misconceptions
    Presented by Jim Urban, FASLA
    Hosted by the Planting Design PPN
  2. San Diego’s First Public Nature Play Area: How Park and Recreation Made it Happen!
    Presented by Ilisa Goldman ASLA; Shamli Tarbell
    Hosted by the Children’s Outdoor Environments PPN
  3. Creative Goal Setting for Women
    Presented by Mia Scharphie, Associate ASLA
    Hosted by the Women in Landscape Architecture PPN
  4. SPOTLIGHT mini-series: Transitional Landscapes & Tactical Mycelium
    Presented by Elyana Javaheri, Associate ASLA; Bridget Ayers Looby, Associate ASLA
    Hosted by the Campus Planning & Design and Children’s Outdoor Environments PPNs
  5. Creating Pollinator Habitat Along Roadsides
    Presented by Jennifer Hopwood; Robert LaRoche; Ellen Alster, ASLA; Jessie Byrd, ASLA
    Hosted by the Transportation PPN

Here’s to a successful and productive 2018!

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