Professional Practice Networks Roundtable

A 2016 PPN meeting during the ASLA Annual Meeting and EXPO / image: Event Photography of North America Corporation (EPNAC)

In the first annual PPN survey back in January 2013, members of ASLA’s Professional Practice Networks (PPNs) were surveyed about their favorite spaces, with questions on the most innovative projects, the best small but mighty spaces, and favorite designed spaces, among others. In 2014, the PPN survey focused on career paths in landscape architecture. Members shared how they first discovered landscape architecture, their favorite cities and regions to work in, and how they keep up with design trends, to name just a few of the topics covered. The next survey’s theme was creativity and what makes for inspired design in landscape architecture, covering everything from where landscape architects go to feel inspired to finding the next big thing.

For 2016, we opened the survey-making process to our PPN leadership, asking each group to contribute one question that would then be shared with all 10,000+ collective PPN members. The key themes, trends, and responses to the survey were originally highlighted in the PPN News section of LAND, and we are sharing that information again here on The Field in case you missed any PPN updates.

Below are a few of the questions included in the 2016 survey. In future posts, we’ll pull out unique responses, summarize trends, and highlight the most popular answers from PPN members.

ASLA 2017 Professional Analysis & Planning Honor Award. Waterfront Botanical Gardens, Louisville, KY. Perkins+Will / image: Perkins+Will

Children’s Outdoor Environments

What are the most difficult challenges you face when designing for children in outdoor environments?


What do you plan to do this year to positively impact your community?

Digital Technology

How did you learn to use most software that you’re currently using for production and visualizations?

Education & Practice

If you could go back and change one thing about your MLA or BLA education, what would it be?

ASLA 2017 Student Collaboration Honor Award. Rain Garden Demonstration, Mississippi State University, MS. Team: Anas Bdour, Associate ASLA; Jessica Camp, Student ASLA; Wilson Carson, John Taylor Corley, Student ASLA; James Hugh, Student ASLA; Hengyang Ma, Associate ASLA; Amer Mahadin, Student ASLA; Leslie Moma, Associate ASLA; Abbey Wallace, Student ASLA; Mohan Zang, Assoicate ASLA; JoAnna Bauer, General Designer; Amy Farrar, General Designer; Heather Hardman, General Designer; Morgan Linnett, General Designer; Maddie Marascalso, General Designer; Jen McFadden, General Designer; Abbey Rigdon, General Designer; Lauryn Rody, General Designer; Haylee Upton, General Designer; Anna Zollicoffer, General Designer; Edith Martinez, Civil Engineer

Environmental Justice

What does Environmental Justice mean to you?

Historic Preservation

How can design and planning be enhanced by integrating culture and history more fully into the process?

ASLA 2017 Professional Analysis & Planning Honor Award. The Olana Strategic Landscape Design Plan: Restoring an American Masterpiece, Hudson, NY. Nelson Byrd Woltz Landscape Architects / image: Michael Cains

Housing & Community Design

What is the most important design element that makes for a successful community?

Parks & Recreation

What’s one epiphany or A-HA! moment you’ve had in a park or public space that changed the way you plan or design?

Sustainable Design & Development

What technical skills do landscape architects need to further develop to compete in the evolving markets of sustainable design and climate resilience?


Why do we need Landscape Architects when there are plenty of Civil Engineers, Garden Designers, Urban Planners, Ecologists, and Architects?

ASLA 2017 Professional Research Honor Award. Rendering Los Angeles Green: The Greenways to Rivers Arterial Stormwater System (GRASS), Los Angeles, CA. 606 Studio Cal Poly Pomona / image: 606 Studio Cal Poly Pomona

Urban Design

Why does landscape architecture matter in the 21st century?

Women in Landscape Architecture

Many professionals cite the importance of mentorship at different points in their careers. If you have a mentor now, or have had one, name one essential lesson you learned from them.

ASLA 2017 Professional General Design Honor Award. Windhover Contemplative Center, Stanford, CA. Andrea Cochran Landscape Architecture / image: Marion Brenner

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