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U.S. Capitol / image: EPNAC
U.S. Capitol / image: EPNAC

The ASLA 2019-2020 Federal and State Legislative Priorities Survey will help determine ASLA’s federal legislative agenda for the upcoming 116th Congress and shape your Chapter’s state legislative activities.

All members of ASLA are invited to share their input through this short 11-question survey. May 31 is the deadline for responses.

ASLA achieved critical legislative successes last year, including working with chapters to successfully stave off state attacks on licensure, upgrade state licensure laws, and achieve licensure in the District of Columbia. On the federal side, ASLA helped to pass legislation to support the National Park Service, promote green infrastructure in U.S. Army Corps of Engineers projects, and protect and preserve the Land and Water Conservation Fund. ASLA Government Affairs also continues its fight against proposed environmental and climate change rollbacks in federal law.

Queens Plaza, NY, 2012 / image: Sam Oberter

ASLA works with chapters, state and federal legislators, state and administration officials, and regulatory bodies to advance policies critical to the profession. ASLA’s current priorities, based on responses to the previous Legislative Priorities Survey, are: Water, Transportation, Parks, Climate, and Licensure.

The purpose of the survey is twofold:

  • To formulate ASLA’s federal legislative priorities for the 116th Congress.
  • To provide useful data to help guide chapters’ state legislative priorities and advocacy efforts.

Once ASLA receives your responses, the ASLA Government Affairs Advisory Committee will analyze, review, and vet the federal information to recommend a 2019-2020 Federal Legislative Priorities Agenda. During the ASLA Annual Meeting, which will take place October 19-22, 2018 in Philadelphia, the Board of Trustees will provide input on the recommended agenda, with the Executive Committee providing final endorsement in late 2018. Results from the state legislative questions will be shared with the ASLA Licensure and State Advocacy Committee and forwarded to local chapters to assist with developing critical state and local legislative activities.

Please take a moment to complete the ASLA Federal and State Legislative Priorities Survey to tell us about issues that are important to you!

Learn more about ASLA’s advocacy efforts at

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