PPN Live in Philadelphia: The 2018 ASLA Annual Meeting and EXPO in Review

image: EPNAC

With the ASLA Annual Meeting and EXPO behind us, it’s time to recap the array of Professional Practice Network (PPN) events that took place throughout the meeting weekend in PPN Live.

PPN meetings, including three collaborative joint meetings that PPN pairs planned together, took place on Saturday and Sunday, October 20-21, drawing nearly 700 participants to PPN Live on the EXPO floor. PPN events were open to all attendees, giving them the chance to meet fellow PPN members and explore different practice areas.

During the PPN meetings—which ranged from panels to quickfire presentations to interviews, among other formats—new PPN leadership volunteers were also identified for many PPNs, along with members interested in submitting posts for The Field or presenting ASLA Online Learning webinars. If you would like to learn more about getting involved, check out the ways to engage and PPN leadership positions to consider.

The Women in Landscape Architecture Meeting, which featured a women in leadership roundtable, at Fairmount Park Stage in PPN Live / image: EPNAC

PPN Live offered meeting rooms, the PPN Lounge for networking, and a larger presentation space called Fairmount Park Stage, which hosted our biggest PPN meetings to date: approximately 100 attendees came to PPN Live for the meetings of the Women in Landscape Architecture PPN on October 20 and the joint meeting of the Campus Planning & Design and Landscape—Land Use Planning PPNs on October 21. Four PPN sessions that offered 1.0 PDH (LA CES / HSW) also drew great interest from attendees.

Campus Planning & Design PPN Co-Chair Laura Tenny, ASLA, at the podium with, from left to right: Elaine Linn, ASLA, Landscape – Land Use Planning PPN Chair; Katharyn Hurd, ASLA, Campus Planning & Design PPN Co-Chair, and Krista Van Hove, ASLA, incoming Campus Planning & Design PPN Co-Chair for 2018-2020 / image: EPNAC
Jessica Fernandez, PhD, PLA, ASLA, LEED AP ND, of Clemson University, presenting on “Inclusivity and the Design Process in the American College Town Community” during the Campus Planning & Design / Landscape—Land Use Planning PPN Meeting / image: EPNAC
Margaret Baldwin, Associate ASLA, of Ayers Saint Gross, presenting on “Designing a Laboratory Landscape on the Chester River” / image: EPNAC
The joint meeting of the Children’s Outdoor Environments and Parks & Recreation PPNs, which offered attendees 1.0 PDH LA CES, focused on the topic of “Parks, Play, and People: Equity and Community in Recreation” with short presentations by, from left right: Joy Kuebler, ASLA, Joy Kuebler Landscape Architect, PC; Andrew Spurlock, FASLA, Spurlock Landscape Architects; and Diane Jones Allen, ASLA, The University of Texas at Arlington and DesignJones, LLC. / image: EPNAC
Diane Jones Allen, ASLA, presenting during the Children’s Outdoor Environments / Parks & Recreation PPN Meeting / image: EPNAC
The Design-Build and Residential Landscape Architecture PPNs met in the PPN Lounge to discuss methods and strategies for qualifying prospective clients, technologies to convey designs, and when to hire a contractor for project work. / image: EPNAC
Ecology & Restoration PPN Co-Chair Daniel Martin, Associate ASLA, introduces the meeting topic, Conservation Finance and Landscape Architecture, and two guest speakers, left to right: Damian Holynskyj, M.C.P., Director of the Eastern Region for Great Ecology, and Michael Sprague, President and Founder of Trout Headwaters, Inc., and founding Board Member of the National Environmental Banking Association. / image: EPNAC
Michael Sprague presenting during the Ecology & Restoration PPN Meeting / image: Alexandra Hay
Attendees of the Education & Practice PPN Meeting discuss the Landscape Architectural Accreditation Board (LAAB)’s Accredited Programs and Community College Feeder Programs Collaboration Survey results, and learn about opportunities to promote a two-way dialogue and collaboration between programs. / image: EPNAC
The Education & Practice PPN Meeting / image: EPNAC
Environmental Justice PPN Co-Chair Erin McDonald, Associate ASLA, presents during the Environmental Justice PPN Meeting, which offered 1.0 PDH LA CES and focused on “Environmental and Climate Justice in Community Design: Case Studies and Tools.” / image: EPNAC
Kari Spiegelhalter, Student ASLA, discusses the 2018 ASLA Student Award Winner A Student’s Guide to Environmental Justice Version 1.3 during the Environmental Justice PPN Meeting. / image: EPNAC
Geoff Anderson, ASLA, Principal at RAS, Inc. Landscape Architects, shared therapeutic design projects, including two recent completed projects for the Christiana Care Hospital and AI DuPont Hospital for Children, during the Healthcare & Therapeutic Design PPN Meeting. / image: EPNAC
Historic Preservation PPN Officer Jonathan Ceci, ASLA, facilitates an interview and Q&A with Christopher Nolan, FASLA, Chief Operating Officer & Chief Landscape Architect, Central Park Conservancy, and Lane Addonizio, Affil. ASLA, AICP, Vice President for Planning, Central Park Conservancy. / image: Alexandra Hay
Ming-Jen Hsueh, ASLA, of Sasaki Associates, presenting during the International Practice PPN Meeting, “Rethinking Landscape Interventions During Urban Renewal of Chinese Cities.” / image: EPNAC
Kevin Burke, ASLA, Atlanta Beltline Inc, presents during the Sustainable Design & Development PPN Meeting, “A Discussion of Sustainability at Different Scales.” / image: EPNAC
The Sustainable Design & Development PPN Meeting focused on how sustainability, including established rating systems such as SITES and LEED, are applied at different scales and in different contexts. / image: EPNAC
Lisa Cowan, ASLA, SITES AP, Studioverde, facilitates a breakout discussion during the Sustainable Design & Development PPN Meeting / image: EPNAC
Urban Design PPN Co-Chair Tom Schurch, PhD, ASLA, presents during the Urban Design PPN Meeting. / image: EPNAC
The Water Conservation PPN Meeting in the PPN Lounge was led by Jim Davis, ASLA, and Yiwei Lin, Associate ASLA, Water Conservation PPN officers. / image: EPNAC


In addition to the PPN meetings, ASLA offered attendees the opportunity to network with PPN peers and exhibitors in a show floor tour. For the 2018 PPN EXPO Tours, 33 exhibitors gave short educational presentations on hour-long tours on the EXPO floor focusing on PPN topic areas. The tours offered the opportunity to learn about new and improved techniques and how they can assist in creating successful design projects. Attendees who participated earned 1.0 PDH (LA CES / HSW) for each tour.

PPN EXPO Tours gathered in PPN Live before setting out on a PPN practice area-themed walk of the EXPO floor, stopping at 4-5 exhibitor booths for short presentations. / image: EPNAC
Landscape Structures was one stop on the Children’s Outdoor Environments / Parks & Recreation EXPO Tour on October 21. / image: EPNAC
LiveRoof, LLC, presented on the benefits of green space in the built and urban environment during the Ecology & Restoration EXPO Tour. / image: EPNAC
Dr. Ido Sella of ECOncrete Tech Ltd used case studies and a 6.5’ coastline model to explain a holistic approach to urban waterfront design that integrates ecological, structural and social considerations on the Ecology & Restoration EXPO Tour. / image: EPNAC
InstantHedge covered how to utilize hedges in landscape design, best planting practices for hedges, and how new technologies can speed up the installation process during the Planting Design EXPO Tour. / image: EPNAC

Committee Meetings

Other annual meeting events included the PPN Council Meeting for PPN leaders. The conversation, focusing on 2019 PPN Council program goals, building connections between PPN leadership volunteers, and sharing lessons learned, was led by the PPN Council Leadership: Council Chair for 2017-2018 Lisa Horne, ASLA, Immediate Past Chair Kristina Snyder, ASLA, Chair-Designate Chad Kennedy, ASLA, and incoming Chair-Designate Ellen Alster, ASLA.

Lisa Horne, ASLA, and Thomas Nieman, FASLA, winners of the ASLA Outstanding Service Awards, were recognized during the morning general session on Sunday, October 21 / image: EPNAC

During the general session on Sunday, October 21, PPN Council Chair Lisa Horne, ASLA, received the ASLA Outstanding Service Award, which are given annually to recognize volunteers who make notable contributions to or on behalf of the Society at the national level, for her invaluable contributions to the PPNs and her commitment to recruiting and coaching PPN leadership. Prior to her leadership of the PPN Council, Lisa served as Co-Chair and then Officer for the Children’s Outdoor Environments PPN, and she has penned 15 posts for The Field since 2012.

Outstanding Service Award winner and PPN Council Chair Lisa Horne, ASLA, with Gregory A. Miller, FASLA, Immediate Past President, and Nancy C. Somerville, Hon. ASLA, Executive Vice President / image: EPNAC

The Historic American Landscapes Survey (HALS) Subcommittee of the Historic Preservation PPN and the HALS Chapter Liaisons met on October 20, led by Chris Stevens, ASLA. In addition to reviewing the annual reports of the HALS Chapter Liaisons, subcommittee members discussed the progress on the Heritage Documentation Programs’ Digital Photography Guidelines and the ongoing efforts to include landscape architecture in the Department of Interior’s Archeology and Historic Preservation Professional Qualifications Standards.

The winners of the 2018 HALS Challenge, Memorialization, Commemorating the Great War, were also announced, including:

  • James O’Day, ASLA, who won second place for his documentation of the Thrasher-Ward Memorial at the American Academy in Rome;
  • Laura Knott, ASLA, who won third place for her documentation of Monument Terrace in Lynchburg, Virginia; and
  • P. Jeffrey Knopp, ASLA, awarded honorable mention for Liberty Row in Cuyahoga County, Ohio.

The theme for the 2019 HALS Challenge is Historic Streetscapes. More detailed information on the 2018 winners and 2019 theme will be shared on The Field in the next few weeks.

Women in Landscape Architecture (WILA) Walk

The Women in Landscape Architecture Walk, organized by Karen Skafte, ASLA, and Julie Bush, ASLA, Principals at Ground Reconsidered, and the Pennsylvania/Delaware Host Chapter, drew 85 attendees for a walk down Benjamin Franklin Parkway the morning of Monday, October 22. Stops included: Lenfest Plaza; the Logan Square parks: Sister Cities Park, Pennypacker Park, Shakespeare Park, Aviator Park, and Logan Circle; the brand new Holocaust Memorial Plaza; Love Park; and Dilworth Park. See the Women in Landscape Architecture Walk Map for more information on the urban parks and plazas visited. A detailed recap of the WILA PPN Meeting and WILA Walk will be shared later this week here on The Field.

PPN buttons, each with a different PPN logo, were a popular draw in PPN Live. / image: EPNAC

Next year, PPN Live heads to the West Coast: join us at the ASLA Conference on Landscape Architecture 2019, November 15-18, in San Diego! For now, keep an eye on The Field for more post-meeting recaps and photos, and stay tuned for the opening of the Call for Presentations for the ASLA Conference on Landscape Architecture in December.

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