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by Ian Bucacink, M.A., M.L.I.S.

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With the holiday season in full swing, what could be a better gift than a book authored by one of ASLA’s members? At one time, ASLA operated a brick-and-mortar bookstore out of our national headquarters, but these days we leave it to the professionals at Amazon to handle the ordering and fulfillment. ASLA does receive money from customers that we direct to books on Amazon, but only when people use the special URLs on the ASLA website.

From the Books by ASLA Members landing page, the books are divided into seven categories:

  • Landscape Architecture: Landscape architecture design and coffee table books, histories, and analyses
  • Sustainability: The Sustainable SITES Initiative® (SITES®) and sustainable design planning, design, implementation, and maintenance how-to books
  • Gardens and Gardening: Garden design and coffee table books, histories, and analyses
  • Plants, Trees, and Flowers: Guides for how to plant and maintain plants, trees, and flowers in different landscapes
  • Biographies: Histories and visual records of works by living and deceased landscape architects
  • Urban Planning and Design: Planning and design and how-to books related to climate change, sustainable urban development, sustainable transportation, community involvement, and other urban topics
  • Drawing and Design: Drawing and software modeling how-to books by expert landscape architect practitioners

Within each of these categories, books are listed alphabetically by title (no playing favorites!), and clicking on them links to the book’s listing on Amazon. Using the links on the Books by ASLA Members pages ensures that ASLA receives bounty payments from Amazon.

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So how does one get their book listed on the website? It’s easy! First, ensure that you are an ASLA member. Second, ensure that you have written, co-written, or edited a book. Then, you or your publisher should mail a physical copy of the book to the following address:

ASLA Library
636 Eye Street, NW
Washington, DC 20001-3736

And that’s it! Your friendly ASLA Archivist will handle the rest!

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Happy holidays and pleasant reading this winter!

For more reading recommendations:

Ian Bucacink is the Archivist and Technical Librarian at the American Society of Landscape Architects. He can be reached at or by calling (202) 216-2354.

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