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The call for Professional Practice Network leadership volunteers is open now.

Call for Professional Practice Network (PPN) Leadership Volunteers
Deadline: Friday, July 24, 2020

If you are passionate about your landscape architecture practice area, whether it is ecological restoration, planting design, urban design, or any one of ASLA’s 20 PPNs, please consider volunteering to join your PPN’s leadership team.

PPN leaders provide member input on specific practice area needs and ASLA programs and services, including webinar and blog post development and PPN Live event planning for the ASLA Conference on Landscape Architecture. Appointments are for one year, and all ASLA members are welcome to volunteer. Each leadership team conducts work via email and by conference call. The full PPN Council, composed of all PPNs’ chairs, meets quarterly by conference call. Individual PPN leadership teams typically have a monthly conference call.

To volunteer for service as a PPN leader:

  • Answer “yes” to question two on the committee appointment form, “Are you interested in Professional Practice Network (PPN) Leadership?”
  • You’ll then be prompted to confirm which PPN leadership team you are interested in joining, and which PPN activity interests you most.

Visit for the full list of PPNs and review the leadership toolkit for additional information.

Please note: all ASLA members are welcome to volunteer to be a PPN leader, but you must be a member of the PPN whose leadership team you would like to join. If you’re not sure which PPN(s) you are currently a member of, please log in to ASLA members’ PPNs are listed on the Activities / Orders tab in your member profile. Members may request to change or add a PPN at any time via this form or by contacting ASLA Member Services.

For a concise look at the work of the PPNs, please see the 2019 Year in Review. To get a sense of how serving as a PPN leader helped to realize one member’s goals, here is a testimonial from Saeideh Teymouri, Associate ASLA, a leadership volunteer for the Women in Landscape Architecture PPN:

My Women in Landscape Architecture (WILA) membership started when I was a student, and I became an officer in 2017. I serve WILA as co-chair now. For me, WILA provides an engaging professional platform to connect with professionals who are concerned about issues women face in the field. Being an active member and PPN leader is my chance to give back, and to shape the future for women in this profession through ASLA. My story of winning a 2019 WxLA scholarship is a testimony to how PPN membership expands my network beyond one group. When I asked the WILA team to support my nomination for a WxLA scholarship, Alison Kelly, then a WILA PPN co-chair, wrote the nomination letter, which allowed me to attend the ASLA Conference on Landscape Architecture and meet professionals beyond the WILA team.

This call for PPN leadership volunteers is part of ASLA’s annual call for committee service volunteers. For more information on ASLA’s committees, please see LAND.

ASLA is committed to fostering a diverse workforce and an inclusive culture. ASLA staff and member volunteers uphold the Society’s Standards of Conduct. ASLA values are excellence, integrity, diversity, leadership, and stewardship. The ASLA culture is collaborative, inclusive, member-focused, accountable, and volunteer-supported.

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