World Landscape Architecture Month: Social Media Showcase

ASLA 2021 Professional General Design Honor Award. Atlanta Dairies. Atlanta, Georgia. Perkins&Will / image: Sahar Coston-Hardy, Affil. ASLA

All throughout April, landscape architects around the world have been responding to ASLA’s World Landscape Architecture Month (WLAM) prompt to post to social media their response to the questions: What is landscape architecture? What does landscape architecture mean to you? This past week, ASLA National combed through the 1,000+ submissions to identify the top five #WLAM2022 Instagram posts, based on combined number of likes and comments, to repost on the National ASLA Instagram account.

In case any Field readers are taking a break from social media, or if you missed these amidst some overzealous scrolling, here are the top three posts, highlighting meandering meadow plantings, native plant communities, and the design process from concept to buildable plan.

Marcus Barnett Studio
London and Overton, United Kingdom

Ten Eyck Landscape Architects
Austin, TX

TBG Partners
Austin, Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio, TX

Stay tuned to the National ASLA Instagram account to see the last two posts for the top five.

And, while Frederick Law Olmsted’s 200th birthday was earlier this week, Olmsted 200 is far from over—the celebration continues well past April 26, with many more events coming up.

To conclude Olmsted’s birthday week, here are a few past posts from The Field to keep the Olmsted party going:

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