Call for Volunteers

2018 ASLA Diversity Summit / image: EPNAC

ASLA member volunteers play a leading role in the success of ASLA. Your volunteer service is directly related to how we serve our members and the landscape architecture profession. A strong volunteer workforce of more than 250 members spread over 30 committees and other groups deploys the mission of the Society.

The ASLA 2022 – 2024 Strategic Plan guides and shapes the work of our colleagues and volunteer leaders. It lays out goals and outcomes in five focus areas: Community, Voice, Scale, Connections, and Innovation. We are looking for thoughtful, forward-thinking individuals with diverse experience to bring the ASLA Strategic Plan to life.

To volunteer for service, apply online by Monday, July 31, 2023.

Most committees meet once a month for an hour over Zoom during regular working hours. Some committees have additional meeting requirements for more focused conversations and work. Please review the committee descriptions for more information.

Professional Practice Network Leadership

Want to volunteer with ASLA, but not seeing quite the type of opportunity you’re looking for in the call for committee volunteers? Then consider joining your Professional Practice Network’s leadership team!

ASLA offers 20 Professional Practice Networks that represent major practice areas within the profession of landscape architecture.

All ASLA members may join one PPN for free, and each additional PPN for $15 per year. Log in to to check which PPN(s) you’re in.

Any member of a PPN may volunteer to join their PPN’s leadership team.

PPN leaders provide input on specific practice area needs and ASLA programming. Appointments are for one year, and all ASLA members are welcome to volunteer. Most leadership teams meet once a month via Zoom during regular working hours. Come nerd out with like-minded professionals about your practice area niche!

The Sustainable Design & Development PPN event at the ASLA 2022 Conference on Landscape Architecture / image: Alexandra Hay

PPN activities include:

If you are passionate about your landscape architecture practice area—whether it is ecological restoration, planting design, community design, or any one of ASLA’s 20 PPNs—consider volunteering to join your PPN’s leadership team.

To volunteer as a PPN leader, just complete this short form.

Please note: all ASLA members are welcome to volunteer to be a PPN leader, but you must be a member of the PPN whose leadership team you would like to join. If you’re not sure which PPN(s) you are currently a member of, please log in to ASLA members’ PPNs are listed on the Activities / Orders tab in your member profile. Members may request to change or add a PPN at any time via this form or by contacting ASLA Member Services.

ASLA is committed to fostering a diverse workforce and an inclusive culture. ASLA staff and member volunteers uphold the Society’s Standards of Conduct and comply with the PPN Guidelines. ASLA values are excellence, integrity, diversity, leadership, and stewardship. The ASLA culture is collaborative, inclusive, member-focused, accountable, and volunteer-supported.

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