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The Field is authored by members of the American Society of Landscape Architects’ Professional Practice Networks.

ASLA seeks to facilitate open, respectful dialogue in its public forums. Opinions expressed are not necessarily those of ASLA. By participating in ASLA’s websites, blogs, and social media accounts, the user agrees to the Terms of Use.

Membership to Professional Practice Networks (PPN) is open to all members of ASLA. There are 20 PPNs that cover a wide-range of practice areas. They provide excellent opportunities for professionals interested in the same areas of practice to exchange information, learn about current practices and research, and network with each other—both online and in person at the ASLA Conference on Landscape Architecture.

Each PPN contributes to The Field, a blog that replaces annual newsletters. It was created to give members who work in landscape architecture a place to exchange information, learn about recent work and research, and share their thoughts about current happenings. All contributions are by PPN members, for PPN members. Among its benefits are to:

  • take advantage of the many overlapping issues and common interests;
  • make it easier for PPN members to share information with other PPNs;
  • allow for much more member involvement and interaction;
  • offer greater visual appeal;
  • archive postings, and allow them to be selected and sorted;
  • enable timely response to current news and events.

We invite you to become a member of ASLA and join the conversation.

Header image: 2018 ASLA Student Honor Award, General Design – Myth, Memory, and Landscape in the Pyramid Lake Paiute Reservation
Derek Lazo, Student ASLA, Serena Lousich, Student ASLA | Faculty Advisor: Danika Cooper, ASLA
UC Berkeley

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