Urban Garden

Urban Garden at O’Hare International Airport
image: NBC Chicago

Chicago Department of Aviation has installed an urban garden at O’Hare Airport. The garden will supply fresh local sources of produce at the airport food services.  A great way to demonstrate what can be done in an unlikely place.

by Keven Graham

Trees Make a Difference

image: Keven Graham

image: Keven Graham

It doesn’t take much money or landscaping to transform an unused space into a community gathering spot.  In fact, it can be accomplished with seven trees in colorful planters with flowers.

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Sustainability and Annual Plantings

image:  Bell Nursery

image: Bell Nursery

An interesting question is beginning to be raised in terms of sustainable landscaping, how can we use annual plants in our sustainable landscape?  This presents an interesting topic for discussion and we would be interested in your opinions.  In most areas of the U.S., annuals can play an important role in many landscapes such as healing environments.  The benefit of certain colors and mental restorative factors is a consideration in landscapes and human health.

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