Submission Guidelines

The Field was established by the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) to give members in the field of landscape architecture a place to exchange information, learn about recent work and research, and share thoughts about current happenings. All contributions are by members, for members. Therefore, The Field only accepts blog entries from ASLA members.

With an average of over 500 page views a day, The Field is your forum for gaining recognition for your work and research, and for sharing your thoughts on the profession’s most pressing issues. Of particular interest to our readers is information that highlights innovative design approaches or unconventional responses to typical problems in any aspect of landscape architecture.

Please keep all entries non-promotional—a firm’s latest project isn’t a story, but the issues or challenges that the project brings to light might be.

To submit an idea for The Field:

Each full submission must include:

  • title
  • main image
  • image captions and source information
  • main text
  • web addresses for in-text links
  • author


Titles are to be 6 words or less.

Image Guidelines

The main image, and all other images, must be submitted as separate files. Include as many images as you like, but all submissions must indicate a main image.

High-resolution photos (300 dpi, or highest possible resolution, at a minimum of 600 x 400 pixels) should be submitted in a standard graphics file format – JPG, TIF. Charts, graphs, and vector images should also submitted in a standard graphics file format. Do not submit images embedded in Word or PowerPoint documents. Please provide captions and source information for all images. This information should be included in the main text file. Images submitted are assumed cleared for usage on our website.

Please use the following format for labeling images: subject_source. Here is an example from a recent post: BannerGateway_RickSpalenka.jpeg

Main Text

Please submit title, image captions and source information, main text, web addresses for links, and author’s name and contact information in a single Word document. Submissions of any size are accepted. We are looking for shorter updates, in addition to longer posts. Please review previous posts to The Field for examples. Longer posts are an average of 1,000 words.


Please identify the author(s) for each entry. You have the option of including a mini-bio of the writer(s) at the conclusion of the piece. Please limit to approximately 40 words.

Article Style and Grammar

Check the spelling and grammar of your submission before sending it. Ensure that all numbers, dates, and names of sources are accurate. The Field follows the guidelines outlined in the Chicago Manual of Style and the Webster’s New World College Dictionary. Your copy will be edited for content, style, and grammar. If there are significant changes or revisions, it may be returned to you for further clarification or review, although this is not guaranteed.


We accept submissions on a rolling basis and try to post within one to two weeks of receiving it.


ASLA will hold rights to all articles.

Submitting your post

When your materials are ready for submission, please send them to ASLA Professional Practice. If you have any questions or would like to discuss post ideas, feel free to contact ASLA or the appropriate PPN chair or co-chairs. We look forward to hearing from you!

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