Observations from the Society for Campus and University Planning (SCUP) Awards Jury

by James Moore, ASLA

MIT Outfinite Corridor / image: courtesy of Hao Liang for Reed Hilderbrand

Over three days in late July, attendees gathered to discuss a wide array of issues at the Society for Campus and University Planning (SCUP) Conference in downtown Cleveland, Ohio. There were many great sessions including keynotes focusing on leading institutional change and addressing threats to inclusivity. This year, I had the opportunity to serve on the SCUP Excellence Awards jury along with Jason Forney, Thomas Fortier, and Marilia Rodrigues. Together, we reviewed over 130 awards across categories including Planning, Landscape Architecture, and Architecture. Marilia and I presented the awards at the conference and spoke about seven trends jurors observed across the entries. These were:

  1. Integrated planning process
  2. Holistic approach to student spaces
  3. Impactful campus landscapes
  4. Community access and engagement
  5. Career and technology-focused spaces
  6. Sustainability and integrated design
  7. Renewal and adaptive reuse

Though our presentation was balanced across the disciplines, in this article I will highlight jury observations specifically regarding contributions that landscape projects made in these categories.

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