Landscape Architecture’s Best Unknown Firms

The Restoration of Giant Forest, Sequoia National Park, CA, National Park Service, 2007 Professional ASLA Honor Award, General Design Category / image: National Park Service

In a previous post, we reviewed the landscape architects and firms that Professional Practice Network (PPN) members admire most, and the list was clearly dominated by familiar names—the key figures of the field since the nineteenth century, from Frederick Law Olmsted to the most celebrated firms working today. The next question we asked members sought to highlight names that may be less familiar: the greatest unknown landscape architect or firm.

Several PPN members gave very self-assured answers along the lines of: “Me, LOL!” Others highlighted a few of the many smaller, local firms that do excellent work but often “don’t have time or money for award submittals so they don’t get recognition on that level.” Some members identified general categories of practice that often go under-recognized, such as “the nameless public realm landscape architect” and the educators and mentors who shape and encourage up-and-coming landscape architects: “The greatest unknown (or unheralded) landscape architect is the one who reaches out and has a positive impact upon educating the next generation.”

Zidell Yards District-Scale Green Infrastructure Scenarios, Portland, OR, GreenWorks, P.C., 2014 Professional ASLA Honor Award, Analysis and Planning Category / image: GreenWorks, P.C.

As one member noted, “There are many unsung heroes/heroines in this biz!” Here are a few of them:

Aaron Booher, ASLA – Future Green Studio (previously with HMWhite)
Achva Benzingberg Stein, FASLA
AHBE Landscape Architects
Annette Hoyt Flanders
BuenoLuna Landscape Design
CMG Landscape Architecture
Dan Pearson Studio
David Hocker, ASLA – Hocker Design Group
DHM Design
George Burnap
George Kessler
GreenWorks PC
Inscape Publico
Jaeger Company
James Coffman, ASLA – Coffman Studio
Lango Hansen Landscape Architects
Mahan Rykiel Associates
Matthew Cunningham, ASLA – Matthew Cunningham Landscape Design
National Park Service
Redenta’s Garden
Ritchie Smith Associates
Robert E. Goetz, FASLA – Robert E. Goetz & Associates
SeamonWhiteside (SW+)
Searle Design Group Landscape Architects
Southwick Landscape Architects
Steve Martino, FASLA – Steve Martino Landscape Architect
Steve Woods – Carol R. Johnson & Associates Landscape Architects (now CRJA-IBI Group)
Thomas Drees Price
United States Forest Service
VIDA Design Studio
Virginia Burt, ASLA – Virginia Burt Designs
Vladimir Djurovic Landscape Architecture

The Pool House, Dallas, TX, Hocker Design Group, 2010 Professional ASLA Honor Award, Residential Design Category / image: Gisela Borghi

At the start of 2015, a questionnaire was sent out to members of ASLA’s Professional Practice Networks (PPNs). The theme: creativity and inspired design. As you can imagine, responses were varied, and included many insightful comments and suggestions. Synopses of the survey results were originally shared in LAND over the course of 2015, and we are now re-posting this information here on The Field. For the latest updates on the results of the annual PPN Survey, see LAND’s PPN News section.

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